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How Safe Is Your Email?

Email is a primary communication vehicle for most businesses. And it’s the platform that’s most susceptible to attack. Your organization and employees are targeted every day by threats designed to steal your data.

An email attack can lead to extortion, system downtime, potential fines and irreparable damage to your brand — all of which can mean lost revenue. And cyber attackers are becoming increasingly sophisticated, evolving and adapting every day.

Email Security with Targeted Threat Protection

This cloud-based email security system is designed to stop attackers in their tracks. As a cloud-based solution, its defenses are continually refined and updated based on current threats.

This security tool defends organizations against spear-phishing, ransomware, impersonation and other targeted attacks. It includes:

  • URL Protect – Provides real-time scanning of links in emails and blocks threats
  • Attachment Protect – Protects employees against weaponized attachments that evade traditional security
  • Impersonation Protect – Guards against attackers seeking to impersonate trusted senders
  • Internal Email Protect – Detects threats that have landed internally or originated within your email system

Email Security with Targeted Threat Protection

It won’t slow down email delivery, and it cuts down on help desk volume related to suspicious emails. It also can keep email flowing and help with restoration if there’s ever an incident.