Disaster Recovery Service - Worcester, MA

When minutes count, there’s DRaaS.


Disaster Recovery as a Service (DRaaS) is, as the name implies, the ability to get at your vital business systems and data should there ever be a disaster.

Unlike BaaS which makes automatic copies of your files and data, with DRaaS, your desktops and servers are replicated, essentially creating a copy of your entire business functionality. In the event of a disaster, users log in to the cloud and access all their data and applications. There’s little to no recovery time, allowing business to function with minimal interruption.

What types of organizations benefit most from DRaaS? Those that can’t afford any downtime and those that conduct more extensive business continuity planning. If BaaS is data insurance, DRaaS is business protection.

Benefits of DRaas

Disaster Recovery Service

Rapid recovery

You can restore normal business operations within minutes.

Equipment savings

Often organizations without DRaaS will have multiple servers stored at various facilities, all of which incur costs.


You can choose to restore just a portion of your operations or the entire organization, depending on the nature of the disaster.


Like BaaS, data is encrypted to provide an added layer of protection against threats.