Cloud backup services for your business.

Managed, secure, off-site backups for you business’ data.

Backup to the cloud

If you’ve ever lost an important file, you’re painfully aware of the importance of back up. Knowing when and what to back up can be difficult to manage.

Don’t gamble with your business data! 🎲

Our cloud backup services for your business will;

  • Remove the stress of managing data backups
  • Reduce the risk of losing valuable business data
  • Securely store copies your business files and data offsite.

We’ll make data backup a routine business process — that’s automated, monitored and managed for you. Consider it data insurance for your business.

Benefits of Cloud Backup Services

Baas – Backup as a Service


BaaS is less expensive than the servers, software and technical expertise it would take to perform backup or recover the files.


Because backup is automated, once it’s set up, you can focus on your work without worrying about losing valuable data.


Data that’s stored in the cloud is encrypted, so security threats are minimized.


If your data is ever lost, backups are available and readily located.